This video about the mind/body weightloss experience will hit you in the feels.

5Months, -75lbs.

People suck sometimes. There will be times in your life when you are doing everything you can to eat right, exercise and even still, people will look at you funny or say the most incentive things because they don’t know just how far you have come.  The truth is that nobody knows except you because there is more to this journey than just how you look or how much you have lost.  The hardest part of weightloss is changing the way you  think and continuing to make choices every day to better yourself.  Then there is the fact that sometimes you yourself will suck.  I can be my own worst critic and let fears and self-image can hold me back even more than life’s other assholes.  Worrying about what other people think or do can just steal all the joy out of life.

Buzzfeed released this video and I have to say it hit so close to home that I actually had  to pause several times to keep it together.  Remember, wear the swimsuit and F$&! Yet haters.   Life is too short to hate yourself. Xoxo


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