On Being Thankful

Progress: 5mos -70lb.

It’s Thanksgiving and each year my family goes around the table and we practice being grateful, each guest says what they they appreciate in that moment and usually the answers are kind of mundane; the food, the company and the hope that this lame tradition would be over soon.   I struggled a little this year, not because there was nothing to be thankful for but quite the opposite, I could have taken 45 minutes running through my list because my heart is so very full.

I have my health not just my weight loss progress but also my mobility, my arthritis is under control something I wasn’t sure could happen for me. My job is about as secure as they come in my line of work and I have found a way to feed my soul with side projects like my new podcast The Quick And The Dirty with my friend Sandra, experimenting with television and this blog and of course I have music in my life, singing with the London Jazz Orchestra.

I have my family, my parents are relatively healthy for people in their 70’s and it’s been a true joy to have them close by. This spring they moved to a small town 20 minutes from my place and I was a little concerned it would be too close.  I wish I could speak to my brother and his little family more but we see them on holidays.

Above all I have the love of a good man.  Love that wraps me like a warm blanket even when we are apart and when we are together I feel at ease, at home.  We live about an hour away from each other and make time to see each other on weekends and weekdays when there’s an opportunity.  What makes C so special is his quiet, self assured nature and the fact that he doesn’t like to be fussed over.  It really is endearing although I wish he could take a compliment once and a while and realize just how special he is.  He’s not really  a man of frilly words or love sonnets but he doesn’t need to be, those little touches say everything.  Whether it’s  a hand on my knee, a tickle on my back, he’s a man of action and I know he’s there for me.  In my younger days, I probably would have been confused by his lack of compliments and fussing but actions really do speak more than words.  I know I can trust him, depend on him and I hope to keep proving to him that I can do the same in return.  Above all, he makes me want to be a better person for myself, for him and his children too.  I want to travel the world with him, run in the fields with his kids and I want to find the confidence to be strong enough to give more than I take.  So today, I am thankful for my purpose, to be better, to try harder to strive for the things that truly matter.


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