4 Situations After Surgery You Aren’t Expecting.

2.5mos -54lbs.

When you are preparing for bariatric surgery the dietitian and nurse talk to you about all of the things that will be different as your body begins to change.  You’ll think you are ready for them all but from time to time, things will creep up and surprise you like they did me.

You’re Not Going To See Your Weightloss.

The scale is telling you that you lost weight, you know your clothes fit differently but you aren’t going to see the difference in the mirror.  Although I’m completely happy with my progress so far,  I’ve basically lost the weight of a 5 year old child but visually my body is the same shape, at least in my head.  In no way am I lamenting that though, I think part of the issue is that I never really saw myself as big as I was so it’s important not to get too down about that.


You Aren’t Going To Be The Biggest In Your Friend Group Anymore And It Will Feel Odd.

So this week after realizing I finally needed to cave and buy some clothes that actually fit, I hit up Old Navy for a couple summer items but also decided to host a clothing swap at my place to do some trading amongst friends.


If you’ve never had a clothing swap, you invite a group of friends over and I always encourage people to bring a friend who wears their style and size to make sure there is stuff for everyone.  Each attendee scouts their closet for clothing items that no longer fit or that they are tired of, cleans them and brings them to the host house.  Every swap has its own rules but I like to keep it simple.  Each guest shows off their items and talks about size and fit and if you are interested you let the owner know.  If more than one person likes a piece you both have to try it on and the best fit wins.  It’s lots of fun and everyone usually walks away happy.  If there are items no one claims, they get brought to the local Goodwill.  Traditionally I would bring things like scarves and shoes to clothing swaps because there was never anyone my size to share with but for the first time maybe EVER  I was getting items that people had outgrown.  I think that women are beautiful at any size  but  I will admit that getting your head around not assuming you are the biggest is so strange.  It’s kind of like letting go of a little piece of your identity.  I’m no longer the big girl who’s still super stylish but what will I be as the weighloss progresses?

Your Centre Of Gravity May Change And It Might Hurt.

Photo: Pixabay

One of the biggest reasons for me to lose the weight was to help with my mobility.  I’ve got an autoimmune disorder that effects my joints and at 50lbs down I’ve already noticed a big change in my hips, knees and feet however I wasn’t expecting my back to become an issue.  My chiropractor however says it’s par for the course. As your shape changes, your muscles have to play catch up to adjust to the new weight distribution.   Everyone loses weight differently but most people empty out from the top down.  So the face, shoulders, back, tummy,  hips and so on.  As a lady who has always been a part of the itty bitty titty committee, even at my heaviest I wore a 44B bra.  I expected they would be the first to go, however my back and shoulders have thinned but the ladies have decided to hang out for a while so I am now  wearing my very first 40D woohoo!!!  Amazing in some ways however my ribs and back think otherwise and I’ve been dealing with tightnees in my neck, shoulders and rotator cuffs. Fun!

Colds Suck Even Harder Now

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Lets be honest, colds are the worst and summer colds are even further torture .  It seems unfair that the sun be shining while the the heat and humidity outside make  the dripping and the coughing and the aches and pains almost intolerable.  I have basically had a super immune system for years because of my RA and this whole being sick stuff is a bit new to me but for those who are used to treating them with meds,  after surgery you will realize is that the options to treat a cold now, suck.   NSAID’s (Ibuprophen, Asprin and Neproxin) aren’t an allowed anymore for fear of an ulcer and a lot of the good meds contain them.  So what can you do?  Talk to the pharmacist and let them know about your situation and the medications you cannot take according to your surgeon or talk to your clinic about what they would suggest.   I decided a neti pot and toughing it out was fine for me.





  1. Hi! That was interesting. My colleague, Kristina Donato sent me your blog. This was my reply to her:

    That was an interesting little read. The part about having a cold sucking is totally true! I could barely swallow Nyquil and I overdosed on vitamin C so much that I couldn’t eat for three days due to cramps. But the rest is very personalized since everyone is different.

    For instance, I definitely see the weight coming off. I look in the mirror and see like, a supermodel, which I think just shows that we all have our own little set of neuroses lol. Thank you for sharing that! I really like to hear about other peoples’ experiences!

    — I didn’t add that I do get back pain but due to constipation! Lol. Also, I am working out like a fiend attempting to minimize the need for many skin surgeries. I tell anyone who asks that I got the surgery but I don’t post publicly about it so it’s really nice to see you putting it out there. It’s so the best decision I ever made. Good luck with your journey!


  2. Wow. Good got you. I’ve tried to loose weight for years and have never accomplished it and believe me I worked hard (6month no junk food and walking about 2h a day) and lost nothing. Clothes fit the same everything. Talk about depressing. Went to the dr and I’m healthy just really fat. If it becomes a problem and I’m really unhappy he says this will be the course I have to take. I might do it before all my stuff breaks down and I can’t enjoy it but for now it’s great seeing other people accomplish it and their happiness!!!


  3. Love your blog Hilary! I am 3.5 no the out from my bypass and down 52lbs. I am with you, I look in the mirror and still see fat me. I know it’s in my head because I have gone from size 18/20 to having room in a 12! I go to stores and try clothes on just because I can, but don’t buy because I am cheap.
    Is you rotator cuff issue because of your weight loss? I too have rotator cuff issues, I just thought it was from working on a computer for ever.
    Keep up the good work, you look amazing!


  4. Other unknown issue I’ve encountered is tailbone pain. Never knew being overweight could shift my pelvis and now that the extra passing is gone, sitting can sometimes be torture. Still wouldn’t change my journey though.


  5. Hilary, thanks for sharing your journey. This is an idea I was mentioning to my husband because I gained weight with medication as a teenager and no matter how hard I try it won’t go away.

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  6. I didn’t have surgery but I’ve lost about 100 lbs in the last 18 months from weight watchers. I understand the whole “can’t see the difference”. I still see the same me in the mirror. Although I’m down several sizes. Keep it up, you can do it.


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