Where Oh Where Has Hilary Been?

1.5 mos. -41lbs.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while but I’ve been working on an amazing new project that’s been sucking up a fair bit of my time.  To be quite honest, I’ve never been so happy to be working so hard and that is one of the most amazing side effects of weight-loss surgery is that you are basically recommitting to making yourself a priority and going after what you want in life.  For many years in my broadcasting career I’ve been skirting the spotlight trying to remain unnoticed and it really holds you back.   Now that I’ve taken the problem of my weight by the hand and have a plan, all those other thing you thought were out of reach before seem to be a lot easier to achieve.

So the new project is a podcast with another broadcaster friend of mine.  Sandra Plagakis and I met 4 years ago at a swim up bar on an offshore island in the Bahamas, we were both there broadcasting live for our radio stations at the time and instantly clicked.

IMG_4317.JPGWe have often through the years talked about how incredible it would be to work with one another but because she is working in Ottawa and I in London Ontario it has never been an option.  Now through the magic of technology and the help and support of our company we are finally making dreams come true (perhaps some nightmares for our HR department).


In our very first episode Sandra talks about her fear of being on TV…….Hilary meets her boyfriend’s kids for the first time. Is she going to be an evil step monster? Also, in a very revealing moment, Hilary tells us what she can actually jam in her mouth. It’s not what you think.

Hilary and Sandra really want this long distance podcast to work, so they talk to an expert on long distance relationships. They welcome registered psychotherapist Colleen Fava who not only had a long distance marriage, but she gives the ladies some solid advice on how to keep it fresh every week.

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