Someone Kill Me, I Made A Vision Board!

5 Weeks -40lbs.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Facebook invite to a girls vision board crafting party from a woman I had met briefly at a goodbye party for another acquaintance who was moving to Costa Rica.   When I opened the invite I can remember thinking that Courtney the host seemed like a really cool person but seriously, a vision board?  How cheesy is that!   As the day approaches I was going back and forth on whether I wanted to attend or not.   Sure, I may not be into cutting my life goals out and pasting them on bristol board but maybe there would one or two people there who might become my friends…although they would be friends that make vision boards.

So I show up and it’s a bit awkward at first because back in the old days I would have had a glass of wine and the conversation would just flow.  Eventually we all got along and I actually loved the process.   The idea behind the vision board is the Law Of Attraction, if you put something out to universe it will eventually come back to you.  Cheesy, I know but if you think of it, it’s really just a visual goals list.    For me, family and getting to know my significant others little girls is probably my top priority followed by saving for my future, getting rid of my debt, buying my first home and of cours, continuing to strive for better health.   Part of me is sad that I’ve become one of these people but hey, you never know until you try!  I also made some great connections to some new friends, total boss babes who are go getters and fun which can be really tough when you didn’t grow up in a city.  So here’s to more risks and more new friends.  What would you put on your vision board?


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