I wore shorts!

-3.5weeks, -36lbs

Every woman has at least one thing they don’t love about their body no matter what size we are.  It seems to be engrained in us like a right of passage that comes on with puberty and the loss of childhood innocence.  For me it’s always been my thighs, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a thigh gap, even as a child.  It wasn’t just the look of my thunder and lightning but the fear of them rubbing together and chaffing, it’s  the worst feeling like a very irritated sunburn.   I always thought that shorts looked awful on me, maybe it was something my mother had said to me years ago or something I just came to believe but I’ve avoided wearing shorts since about high school but this week in London the weather got really hot and I guess I was feeling inspired by my progress so I bought and wore shorts in public!   Technically more of a romper but I say it still counts!!


The amount of anxiety about wearing them was so bizarre!  Will they ride up between my legs, will they rub?   I even took my dog for a short stroll as a test run for comfort.  After a few quick tests I felt good to go and headed  to the beach to enjoy the 30 degree weather!

I would say overall it was a huge success although I hadn’t accounted for sand in my underwear.  I suppose there is a learning curve when it comes to shorts.


  1. You look fabulous! I sew and have often thought about putting some sort of stiffener in the inseam of my shorts so they don’t ride up.


  2. I relate so much. I haven’t worn shorts since I was maybe 10. I was always a chubby kid, an even heavier teen, and now I carry a few extra pounds. I still don’t wear shorts, but I’m just as happy with cargo capris. A girl’s best friend when you have the chub rub!


  3. Hilary you are doing amazing! I had surgery done last year February and I don’t regret it for a moment! I just wore short shorts today for the first time ever! Besides for a little bit of doubt, I felt pretty sexy! I haven’t ever had that feeling in my lifetime! Enjoy your journey!

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