Ch-ch-ch-changes! It’s so weird when you start to see them.

16days Post-Op -33lb

The numbers on the scale haven’t moved too much lately but I had a couple of NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories).   Today,  I notice my face is looking different in pictures.  I was feeling pretty today as I headed out for a coffee this morning and realized that I could be better at taking photos for this blog. So I snapped this one of my face and my rather annoyed dog, Bruiser.  He seems unimpressed with my progress however I can see big changes in my chin and cheekbones.

It’s quite strange now since being so open about the procedure I can feel eyes on me when I walk in a room of people I know.  I’m sure you get used to feeling people size you up or perhaps some of it is in your head but I literally observed an acquaintance give me the elevator eyes today.

My second NSV today was eating a meal out, my very first one!  There is a cafe in my neighbourhood called The Black Walnut and they have the most delectable food available.   There isn’t much I can stomach right now but I’ve officially entered the purée soft food stage and eggs are now an option.  So I ordered a piece of crustless frittata, sectioned a piece of it onto a saucer  and even managed to wait and drink my cappuccino in the suggested time and before it was ice cold.  I felt somewhat normal even though most of it came home with me in a to go box.

IMG_4150.JPG It was a lovely day and I can’t wait for more like these!


  1. Wow…I can really see a difference in your face compared to the first time I saw you in the lounge with your parents!! Congrats…what an amazing tool we were blessed with 💖


  2. You look incredible, great going! I still have that ‘go box’ when eating out and I am 7 years post op. My first experience going out to eat after surgery was in Niagara Falls, I actually cried as I couldn’t eat anything on the menu.. I felt totally overwhelmed! Enjoy every small mouthful and all the meals that that one plate will give you..hahahah! Love reading your blog! thanks ❤


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