She’s going to blow!!

13 days post op -32lb

So far so good with feeling well after my gastric bypass although  it would seem that my body has hit it’s first little stall as it comes to realize no more food is coming.   I’m eating about 600 calories a day (or shall I say drinking!) and slowly working my way up.   For most of the time, my energy has been good and I have felt overall well until last night.

Not really sure what triggered it since my diet hasn’t changed but just before supper time I got a horrible pain on my left side at my ribs that was so bad I couldn’t catch my breath.   It felt like I had thrown a rib out or maybe something was going to explode and I was really burpy.  I couldn’t move but couldn’t stay still and I was over at my boyfriends at the time, I tried a hot shower, no luck.   I finally settled into a reclining chair and found some reprieve.

And that’s when the gas hit.  How embarrassing, a year and a half into our relationship and gas is still a shy thing for us.  In fact, he has NEVER farted in front of me and I apparently pass gas in my sleep but we’ve decided those don’t count (well, I decided!).  Thing is, since surgery I have come to understand that it’s either let it out or feel like death and I also find if I change position or try to leave the room, I often can’t.   So desperate times called for desperate measures.  If you are reading this honey, I’m sorry.  The one saving grace is that right now, at least there is no smell.   By about 10pm I was starting to feel better and although so would normally sleep over at his house, I decided to drive home in shame back to London so I could not worry about it.   I feel disgusting, what have I become?   I hope it never gets to this point!


  1. Hey Hilary I’ve also had the gastric bypass, 4 years out, however in the first year I started getting those pains on my right side…. they hit hear n there….. eventually sending me to the ER as breath taking and in mobilization…. I followed up with a visit back with my surgeon…. I had started having intestine go through the gap of the “y” so another surgery…… that is now 3 years ago…. occasionally I get that pain back….. so be cautious….. it can get Bad if you miss these signs!!


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