Family and Fornication In The Same Post. Yup, This Is Uncomfortable!

5 Days Post-Op. 

First of all, you’re disgusting! Everything is above bar.  I would like to thank my parents in a post about getting frisky though.  I’ll clarify, my folks had nothing to do with the sexy but my quick recovery wouldn’t have been possible without all their assistance over the last five days and designing their entire relocation to a new city around anticipating what I would need after surgery.   Now that I’ve done that, thank God I’m home, not living with them and got my groove on!

The final few days of co-habitation with my folks started with a hangout at my brother D’s, my awesome niece and nephew and his gorgeous wife Sam.  We talked about Auntie Hilary’s new tummy and the kids loved hearing stories about the epic hospital farts because of all the gas they put inside you for the surgery.   I think it was good for them to know that surgery and the hospital doesn’t have to be scary.   I showed them my incisions which really just look like six band-aids on my belly.

Typical Laproscopic Gastric Bypass 6- 1-2cm incisions.

Very little bruising and no blood.  I’m really surprised how easy it’s been.  My neice always has art to celebrate an occasion.  This kids got a future!

Ella(6) nailed my hips and also my very pink skin and belly on the operating table.

Today, my boyfriend C. or as he is known on our show “Sarnia Sting” drove into Oakville from Sarnia to fetch me, my goodness he’s so so kind.  The poor guy bought a house on Friday and he’s so stressed but still made sure to be there for me.  I of course am cranky and needy right now but I do realize how truly lucky I am and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him.  We socialized with my family a while and then headed back to London.   It feels amazing to be back in your own space, especially after such communal quarters both in the hospital and at my parents.  To be in your own bed and to be held and close.


How soon is too soon?  Well it’s been five days and I couldn’t wait another week.   It’s so funny,  all my life of being fat I never felt like it got in the way of my sex life.  I’ve always felt like a vixen naked, not always in clothes but in the sanctity of my own bedroom with a partner I was attracted to and trusted, I was fearless.  I think the idea that your changing body causes many worries and second guesses.   “What if I lose all my boobs and he’s a boob guy?”, “What about all the loose skin and a saggy butt?”.   “Will he find the new me sexy?”. I think people who’ve not experienced a large weight loss don’t realize that your body doesn’t “bounce back”. I may be smaller in the end but I’ll always have things that aren’t quite right and plastic surgery takes time and a whole lot of money. I’m very lucky in that I know my partner is invested in me for more than looks but there is still a deeper attraction.  I just think these are normal doubts.  I’m also an incredibly sexual person who loves feeling desired and I thrive on physical touch both sexual and non.   Maybe it was knowing there would be another whole week before we could connect because of the distance or that  I just wanted to get it out of the way and put my mind at ease.   It took a little convincing that he wouldn’t hurt me (which I think is common) but we found each other.

The surgical guidelines say “when you feel able, right?”   Now, time get a good nights sleep!!


  1. Remember, Bowser always the right attention to you. And if you happen to have a little extra tidbit, well that is just fine too! Murray


  2. Just came across your blog! Welcome to the losers bench!
    I’m just over 2 years post op and truly the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life!!!!
    If you ever have questions, no matter how tmi, embarrassing or trivial, feel free to ask!!


  3. Hi Hilary…miss you in the early morning when I am getting ready for work, but I am very happy for you and so glad to hear things are going well!! This blog is a great way to overcome the boredom and stay in touch with all of us that are cheering you on. Laughter is the best medicine….so keep laughing! All the best…..Wendy F


  4. Hi sweetie! First of all, your picture up above is absolutely stunning! Love it! I miss you terribly, but everyone at JACK FM is pulling together to fill in – but, I must admit, Curtis doesn’t laugh near as much as when you’re with him! Love your blog! I’ll keep following you ad sending you my most positive vibes!!! Tons of love and best wishes, Deb S xx


    1. As always Deb, you are the sweetest most supportive listener we’ve got and I would certainly consider you a friend. Thanks for all the love. I think Brady and Curtis are going to have some fun this week.


      1. Oh, their question of the morning had me in absolute stitches! Perhaps you shouldn’t listen, in case you BUST yours!!! Bahahahah! Your #1 fan! Dxx


  5. Hilary, congratulations on your journey. I believe in beauty no matter what your size. Beauty comes from the inside.


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