Milk Was A Bad Choice

2nd day home from the hospital and thing started out AMAZING!  Woke up decided I didn’t need pain meds, got out of bed, walked the dog around the block by myself but of course reality had to set in eventually!   My parents are both retired, in the midst of a move AND I’ve temporarily moved into their small town home until I’m more confident living on my own post op.

Mom And Dads House

This picture may look relaxing but you can’t tell from a photo how accustom my folks have come to living in their home alone without witnesses.   Apparently bathroom fans or even closing the bathroom door has become optional and the dialogue around here is constant.  Im certainly thankful they have let me stay but by Sunday, I think I’ll have had enough.

Exciting day in the world of bariatric diets for me, I’m on to the full liquid diet from clear liquids.  This means the addition of smooth yogurt, pudding, cream of wheat and MAJOR BLOATING!!!!    Got my protein shake down great this morning, even the  half of a yogurt I had for lunch wasn’t so bad but the moment my decaf coffee with skim milk hit my lips it was game over.

The worst gas pain since the day of surgery so I had to take pain meds and lie down.  Oh well, can’t win them all.  Time to slow down and try it again in a week or so.  At least I can’t hear or smell the bathroom from my bed!

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