Home Sweet Home -Ish

I was released from hospital today which is great news only a two night stay was required. I live alone in London, my significant other lives about an hour away, so the first few days of recovery are being spent here at my parents home.   It’s full boar chaos here, mom and dad are moving to a new home closer to where I live in just over a week.  They’ve promised to be chill and as quiet as possible.    We shall see.   I’ve got my bedroom oasis set up, my Netflix and television and my trusty dog Bruiser by my  side, fresh air floating through the window.  I kind of miss the simplicity of the hospital, the hum of the IV machines and my less than lucid roomie but I do not miss my room sign.


Thanks to a long history of clumsiness and a recent embarasssing wipeout in public that I fessed up to,   I’m apparently a fall risk and got an amazing bright sign on the door to my room.  Me and the 80 year olds rocking out on the 6th floor.  So I guess home isn’t that bad.



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