The Losers Bench Began With A Dream.

I’m not talking about some huge inspirational story here, I’m talking about the most bizarre and somewhat wonderful waking dream I had yesterday before we hopped on the highway to For the big procedure.  The kind of dream you wake up from and are sad is over.   Apparently I was nervous about my presurgery fast because I could have sworn I Spent Monday night doing yoga and practicing for the production of my latest music video in a studio in Chicago with none other than Janet Jackson or Queen Latifah my half asleep brain wasn’t sure.   Thank you subconscious for this sweet opportunity.  So sweet in fact that I dreamed I ate a flat of fresh strawberries after rehearsal and woke up freaking out about ruining my pre-surgery fast.   I was reassured yet disappointed by my lovely partner that Latifa Jackson was all in my head so we hit the road but I’ll always have the memories.


Check in at the Day Surgery Clinic was super easy, and everyone was so nice but you have to do the initial nurses consultation alone.  Walking into that big sea of curtains and nervous looking strangers felt a little unsteady about it but messages of support and love from all of the listeners and friends I’ve made in online Bariatric support groups have really eased the worries.   I highly suggest joining a few if you are going through the process.

Right before surgery “Sarnia Sting” (My Boyfriends nickname on our radio show and my parent showed up, mom like always doing all the worrying for me.   I honestly think she needs to have her own reality show called “Extreme Momming”, bless her.

And everything went fine.  In Recovery I was a weepy uncomfortable mess but now that I’m up in my room I feel really good for the most part.  The gas they blow in you stomach cavity so they can work laparoscopically sucks. So bad but the rest is fine.

It’s now 5am and I’m doing great.

Thanks to everyone following along with me and checking in.  I’ve never felt so supported and loved.  Thanks to my parents who as always are patient with my need to be independent yet are always there and to my amazing”Man-friend” C.


You are my rock and my biggest cheerleader.  I know you love me exactly as I am and just want me to feel the same.   Thanks for holding my hand, kissing my brow and making me giggle through the nerves and pain.  In case you aren’t a JACK Mornings Listener, you might be wondering why I call him “Sarnia Sting”  and cover his face.   “C” needs to maintain his privacy for the safety of his children.  He’s a social worker that occasionally deals with unsavory people so our deal is that I get to run my mouth about him as long as he maintains his super hero type annonimitty.  Trust me, you’ll get used to it!

Nap Time!!!

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