When you decide to change your life, who do you tell?

Every major change you make in life requires a few things to be successful. First, the desire for change, a plan, commitment, support and accountability. Although I’ve had the desire to change my weight for basically my entire life, I’ve never been able to put the other pieces of the puzzle together.  I know this time it needs to be different

I live in London Ontario and work on a radio morning show called JACK Mornings with Curtis & Hilary on JACK 102.3.  A lot of the show is talking about every day situations that people face in their lives.    This in turn means that we end up sharing a lot of personal details about ourselves to  build strong relationships with our listeners. Our audience has seen me struggle through break-ups, dating, a new relationship, they’ve been there through the death of my co-hosts Curtis’s father, his family’s ongoing debate over a second child and even his son’s first day of kindergarten.  Yet still, I had no intention of sharing my plans to have gastric bypass surgery.  The plan was to simply explain I would be off for medical leave.

In the weeks leading up to my surgery date, I spent a lot of time  thinking about why I’ve failed in the past and I honestly believe it’s because I’ve been too ashamed of my situation to be honest with people in my life.  Admitting to weight loss surgery means admitting I have a problem, that I’ve let my health and my body down.    Anyone can see that I need to lose weight but somehow admitting you are on a diet or getting surgery feels like a failure but without that honesty how can the people in your life help support you in your journey.  So this last Wednesday I decided it was time to live my truth and announced the reason for my absence over the airways, live on-air.

Listen to it HERE

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